Make up for girls

  1. Teach your daughter that beauty is on the inside not just on the outside. Beauty in the media is often achieved with touch ups, great photographers and makeup artists.
  2. Consider your daughter’s school environment, personality and maturity when deciding about the right time to use make up.
  3. Teach your daughter the art of makeup or get some advice from a friend, relative or a professional such as a makeup artist, at a shop makeup counter. Your child could learn how to apply make up in a natural and age-appropriate manner, enhance her features and which colour palettes suit her.
  4. Experimenting and practicing herself at home can also be encouraged.
  5. Tweens should start with suntan lotion as a foundation to protect their skins and lip gloss for a bit of dazzle. They could even use clear eyebrow gel to groom their brows and as a mascara.
  6. Young teens may want to start wearing more makeup such as foundation and cover up. Some mascara and light sparkly eye shadows applied sparingly, add glamour without being too harsh. Older teens could wear blush, eyeliner and eye shadow.
  7. By age 18, girls should have the skills to apply makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup should be appropriate to both the occasion and the age of the teen. It should look natural, not overdone.
  8. Encourage a simple cleansing and removal of make up every night before bed. A cleanser plus sunblock moisturiser should be applied again in the morning.
  9. Teach your daughter not to share cosmetics as it can spread germs like conjunctivitis. Keep tools like brushes and sponges clean
  10. Teenage years also bring problem skins. Using too much cover up and foundation can exacerbate the problem. Acne should be treated and controlled before using make up to cover them. Then use products that are non-comedogenic (stop blackheads) and non-clogging.

          Thanks to Dr Mel, from the Centre of Wellness, for her input.

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux is a mother of a teen and a 12 year old. She has worked in teaching, the corporate environs and publishing. She is also the author of Checklist Parenting, aimed at parents of young school going children. The handbook offers parenting checklists, covering a range of topics, in a well laid out, easy to read format


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