Strawberry & marshmallow choc delights

This is something different for a school baking or dessert platter option.


  1. 500 g fresh strawberries
  2. 150 g  white chocolate
  3. 150 g dark chocolate
  4. 1 small packet marshmallows
  5. ½ cup coloured sprinkles


  1. Wash the strawberries, take off leaves and stems.
  2. Break up the white and dark chocolate into small pieces and melt into separate bowls over the stove.
  3. Once the chocolates are melted, dip the marshmallows and strawberries into them.
  4. Dip them in the sprinkles (optional).
  5. Serve in paper sweet cases.


  1. Let the strawberries and marshmallows dry and the chocolate harden before eating.
  2. Store in a fridge for freshness but take out a few minutes before eating, otherwise the chocolate is too hard.
  3. For a further variation, drizzle white chocolate over dark chocolate strawberries and marshmallows with a spoon, for a combination of tastes.
  4. Make kebabs of fruit and marshmallows for more visual appeal.
  5. Increase the amount of chocolate to make more choc dipping delights: grapes, mandarin segments, cherries, nuts e.g. almonds/Brazil nuts, peach or apricot slices or berries on toothpicks.

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux is a mother of a teen and a 12 year old. She has worked in teaching, the corporate environs and publishing. She is also the author of Checklist Parenting, aimed at parents of young school going children. The handbook offers parenting checklists, covering a range of topics, in a well laid out, easy to read format


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