Plan a GeoCache treasure hunt near home

Geocaching is an outdoor, adventure, treasure hunting game. Participants use GPS coordinates and other apps like Google Search, to find the geocache (container) hidden at various locations. It has become an increasingly popular hobby world-wide.

Why should you get your family on board?

  1. It can happen anytime, anywhere – in your home town or abroad.
  2. It is a fun way to explore new places outdoors such as hiking trails or city parks.
  3. It alleviates boredom and uses technology to get outdoors.
  4. The ‘treasure hunt’ appeals to parents and children alike.

Where to download the GeoCaching App:

 To start hunting, you can simply download the app on your preferred mobile device via:

How to find a GeoCache:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Set your location.
  3. Choose the GeoCache you want to find.
  4. Navigate to your location, but remember what you are looking for varies (they come in different sizes, shapes and difficulties).
  5. Take a pen/pencil with you.

What to do once you have found the GeoCach treasure:

  1. Trade treasure. Swop a treasure with something you have brought.
  2. Sign the log book.
  3. Log it on your app.
  4. Remember to put the GeoCache back exactly where you found it.

Steps to create your own hidden GeoCache for others to find:

  1. Search for at least 20 existing geocaches before trying to create your own.
  2. Get permission from the landowner.
  3. Choose a location wisely.
  4. It must be accessible to the seeker.
  5. Use a weather resistant metal/plastic box to hide the treasure.
  6. Do not bury it.
  7. Do not damage property, harm plants, animals, or the environment.
  8. Be creative & make it fun! For example, create a sea GeoCache with items such as  shells, pebbles  and sea sand.

Enjoy exploring and collecting your treasures!


Tracy Burrows

My name is Tracy Burrows and I am the managing editor of Out There Global, an online IMMERSIVE & leisure travel magazine platform. From Jan 2014 - Dec 2016 I managed the blog (a United Nations World Summit Award Winner: Culture & Tourism 2016 & a National Geographic partner). I was also consulting editor at MOZambique magazine, and a contributor at Sawubona magazine (South African Airways inflight magazine). And through this, the one thing that I have learnt is, is that the more I experience, the more there is to experience!


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