Ginger biscuit and cream pudding

This recipe is an improvised pudding created by my daughter Amy and her cousin Erin. We were away one week end at our farm and they used available ingredients to make this delicious pudding. Younger children can help you make this.

• 500ml whipping cream
• 30 ml condensed milk
• 2 packets of crushed ginger biscuits
• Sprinkles and choc chips of choice

• Whisk the cream in a large bowl.
• Mix the condensed milk in with the cream.
• Layer the bottom of a medium sized dish with the cream mixture.
• Add a layer of crushed ginger biscuits.
• Add the remainder of the cream mixture.
• Decorate with sprinkles and choc chips.
• Serve cooled.

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux is a mother of a teen and a 12 year old. She has worked in teaching, the corporate environs and publishing. She is also the author of Checklist Parenting, aimed at parents of young school going children. The handbook offers parenting checklists, covering a range of topics, in a well laid out, easy to read format


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