Advice for fellow school learners

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein

• Don’t be in too much of a rush to grow up.
• It’s more important to know how to think than what to think.
• Try to have at least one unique thought a day.
• You won’t know unless you ask – even if you feel silly doing so.
• Do not ridicule anyone, ever.
• Be as willing to “unlearn” as much as you are willing to learn.
• Pay attention in class. Studying should be revision.
• Be curious. Ask questions. Find out. No one has all the answers.
• Watch as many good documentaries as you can.
• Talk to your friends and relatives about things you find interesting.
• Try to find real life examples of things you learn in class.
• Don’t be afraid to get it wrong.
• Be confident.
• Try to form opinions that go beyond “I Iike it” or “I don’t like it”
• If you are bored, try to find a way to make what you are doing interesting for yourself.
• Try to give everything you do your own unique touch.
• Get involved.
• Be good to your parents.
• Don’t obsess over marks.
• Remember that what you do now may determine the person you are for the rest of your life.

This checklist was compiled by a group of Grade 7 learners at Redhill Primary school.

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux

Wendy Roux is a mother of a teen and a 12 year old. She has worked in teaching, the corporate environs and publishing. She is also the author of Checklist Parenting, aimed at parents of young school going children. The handbook offers parenting checklists, covering a range of topics, in a well laid out, easy to read format


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