Chicken pitas

This chicken sauce makes a good filling for pitas, wraps or tacos. Add grated cheese, sliced avocado, lettuce and cucumber. Serve with baked beans and a fresh green salad. Ingredients... Read More

Ginger biscuit and cream pudding

This recipe is an improvised pudding created by my daughter Amy and her cousin Erin. We were away one week end at our farm and they used available ingredients to... Read More

Good manners

Tips for teaching and reinforcing good manners. • Teach manners age appropriately and keep your expectations in check. • Create a list of good manners and put it where family... Read More

Fire safety

Contrary to public opinion, the Fire Department should not solve problems like getting a cat down a tree! In fact fire fighters are trained to save lives. Educate children about... Read More

Plan a GeoCache treasure hunt near home

Geocaching is an outdoor, adventure, treasure hunting game. Participants use GPS coordinates and other apps like Google Search, to find the geocache (container) hidden at various locations. It has become... Read More

Parenting don’ts

Don’t say ‘when I was your age …’ Don’t compare siblings and their achievements. Don’t presume technology is the enemy when often it is crucial for homework, sport and assignment... Read More

Save the planet

Use everyday life to teach your children to save our environment. Rather buy paper or reusable straws than plastic straws. Show kids books or videos of how plastic lands up... Read More

Creamy bacon pasta

This is a quick and easy pasta recipe that works well for lunch or supper. Ingredients: • 300g spaghetti or linguine • 15ml olive oil • 1 red onion, chopped... Read More

Choosing a party theme

Children’s parties are no longer just simple occasions that include a cake, a few sweets, children running around and simple party games. Nowadays, especially with younger children, they require much... Read More

Medicating your cat

Cats are not like dogs and will not be fooled by medication hidden in food! You can try mixing liquid medication in with wet food or a hiding a pill/capsule... Read More

Breakfast smoothie of champs

This is a great smoothie for adults and children that don’t like to eat breakfast or want a pick me up drink between meals. Ingredients: • 1 orange, peeled •... Read More

Strawberry & marshmallow choc delights

This is something different for a school baking or dessert platter option. Ingredients: 500 g fresh strawberries 150 g  white chocolate 150 g dark chocolate 1 small packet marshmallows ½... Read More

Giving back

Charity begins at home. Get your kids involved in giving back to the community and potentially clocking some community hours for school. Walk rescue shelter dogs on a week end.... Read More

Ensuring a stress free school camp

Speak positively about camp being a valuable experience e.g. teaches independence, fosters bonding with classmates and teachers. Encourage them to embrace activities out of their comfort zone and to have... Read More

What teachers want parents to know

A good relationship between teachers and parents is key in a child’s successful schooling career. Communicate regularly with the teacher via emails, telephonically or face to face meetings. This helps... Read More

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs can be made plain or with added ingredients for a light lunch or supper option. Ingredients: 15 ml avocado/olive oil 5 eggs 30 ml low fat milk  A... Read More

William’s chicken soup

This is a great winter warmer and can be served with rolls/toast and butter. Add some cooked pasta for a heartier meal. Ingredients: 1 onion, chopped 15ml olive oil 1... Read More

Ways to encourage diversity

Diversity refers to the concept that each individual is unique and has individual differences such as religion, race and culture. We need to teach children that although people are different,... Read More

Make up for girls

Teach your daughter that beauty is on the inside not just on the outside. Beauty in the media is often achieved with touch ups, great photographers and makeup artists. Consider... Read More

Choosing a family dog

When choosing a breed, you need to find the right fit for your family. Some considerations: What size dog do you prefer?  Small vs. medium vs. large breed? Possible costs?... Read More

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