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Croatia diaries – Part 5 – Exploring the beautiful archipelago islands

• Croatia has over 600 islands and islets. Charter a boat or catamaran, catch boat taxis or ferries or join a small cruising boat to explore the islands. • Cruising... Read More

Croatia Diaries – Part 4 – Split and surrounding areas

Tips Try to spend more time at Split. It is Croatia’s second largest city and the largest city of the Dalmatia region. Sight see early morning or late afternoon, to... Read More

Croatian dairies – Part 3 – Motuvun, Zadar and Plitviče Lakes National Park

Whilst travelling from Rovinj to Zadar, the landscape consists of sea and limestone mountain views, vineyards and pine, hazelnut and olive trees. Small stalls of fruit, vegetables, honey and cheese... Read More

Croatian diaries – Part 2 – Rovinj and Pula

As you travel between Zagreb and Rovinj, the landscape becomes more forested and cooler. Closer to the Istria region and the coast, the climate is then more Mediterranean. Stop over... Read More

Croatian diaries – Part 1 – Zagreb

Zagreb offers tourists many diverse options. Your itinerary will depend on the age of your children as well as your family’s interests. We spent 2 nights there and these are... Read More

Croatia – a great family holiday destination!

Croatia may or may not be on your bucket list to visit. Here are some reasons to consider making it your next family holiday destination. 1. Croatia offers families a... Read More

Essentials for tourists during European summer months

In many European countries, particularly in the Mediterranean, summer temperatures can soar to uncomfortable highs. Try to go exploring earlier in the morning and late afternoon/evening when it is cooler.... Read More

Boredom busters

These are ideas for toys, equipment and games for entertaining younger children. They should be appropriate to the age and interests of the child, the family’s budget as well as... Read More

Reducing screentime

Here are some ideas to encourage children to have less screen time and more family time. Role model appropriate use of electronic devices and teach kids to experience life in... Read More

Plan a GeoCache treasure hunt near home

Geocaching is an outdoor, adventure, treasure hunting game. Participants use GPS coordinates and other apps like Google Search, to find the geocache (container) hidden at various locations. It has become... Read More

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