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Good manners

Tips for teaching and reinforcing good manners. • Teach manners age appropriately and keep your expectations in check. • Create a list of good manners and put it where family... Read More

Parenting don’ts

Don’t say ‘when I was your age …’ Don’t compare siblings and their achievements. Don’t presume technology is the enemy when often it is crucial for homework, sport and assignment... Read More

Save the planet

Use everyday life to teach your children to save our environment. Rather buy paper or reusable straws than plastic straws. Show kids books or videos of how plastic lands up... Read More

Giving back

Charity begins at home. Get your kids involved in giving back to the community and potentially clocking some community hours for school. Walk rescue shelter dogs on a week end.... Read More

Ways to encourage diversity

Diversity refers to the concept that each individual is unique and has individual differences such as religion, race and culture. We need to teach children that although people are different,... Read More

Make up for girls

Teach your daughter that beauty is on the inside not just on the outside. Beauty in the media is often achieved with touch ups, great photographers and makeup artists. Consider... Read More

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