Taking your shelter dog home

In the beginning 1. Bring a leash and correctly sized collar to take the new dog home. 2. Let the dog outside at regular intervals for a widdle or a... Read More

Help your local animal shelter

Animal shelters are always in need of the following kinds of support: • Forever homes/adopters • Foster homes/foster parents • Sponsors/Donors (of supplies/resources/funds/skills) • Volunteers (for various activities e.g. dog-walking,... Read More

Adopt/foster a shelter dog

Why a shelter dog? 1. Feel satisfaction in giving a neglected, abused or abandoned animal a second chance at a happier life. 2. Adoption and fostering often saves an animal... Read More

Medicating your cat

Cats are not like dogs and will not be fooled by medication hidden in food! You can try mixing liquid medication in with wet food or a hiding a pill/capsule... Read More

Choosing a family dog

When choosing a breed, you need to find the right fit for your family. Some considerations: What size dog do you prefer?  Small vs. medium vs. large breed? Possible costs?... Read More

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